Saturday, January 24, 2015

Concrete Walls- Port of Tampa

More pictures of the "Impossible" dirt installation!

Dirt Install- Hollow Walls!
99% Compaction

Check this out!

Looks better now!

Lot more dirt to go

Getting full


Well Compacted!


Velocity Construction

Velocity Construction- Difficult Dirt Installation- No Problem!

Velocity Construction does another job that nobody thought could be done!- 
We were warned that this dirt installation would not be "possible" because the walls in the stem wall were the "blow out" kind- an unusual specification since the walls were below grade. This means the  walls were fragile, and easily moved and damaged. We were successful in installing the 400+ yards of dirt, meeting our compaction tests, and not filling the wall with dirt! Check out these pictures-
Site- 1st Dirt lift
Dirt Installation- Bergander
Compaction- This is how it's done!
Velocity Construction- This is the one
Extra Care- We go the extra mile!