Sunday, March 26, 2017

Experience the Learning Experience with Velocity Construction and Kain Contracting!

Check out this one!
Tear out and replace sidewalks at the Learning Experience in Brandon for Kain Contracting!

Notice that there is NO damage to the grass or parking lot- 120 yards of concrete!
This job included:
Re-grading the dirt in the back to bring the water to a 10" pipe that we installed-
 You will note that the pipe above does Not have a stack coming up for the drain
This pipe was modified to carry the water to the drain already installed for the gutters-

This whole area was then re-graded to carry the water correctly to the new drain-

The sidewalk was also removed and replaced:
 You will note that the dirt has been graded perfectly- with a straight edge as if it was concrete- the fall is shot in as it is graded, and the result is the perfect slope you see that carries approx. 3/4" of fall per 10'. This accuracy was needed as the water had to be carried the long way to the drain, without an excessive amount of slope, which would render the grass impossible to use. Our result is typical of ALL the work we do!

 Here is the result after grass is added:

 Very nice!

The side of the building: re-graded (perfectly with a straight-edge as if it was a concrete slab) so the water would not sit against the building- Kain applied waterproofing to the concrete and block sub grade to ensure against water intrusion also-

 With this final result!
Kain installed some very nice grass here by the way-  greener than my house!

The front of the building was modified as well. The concrete sidewalks were removed, and the dirt re-graded to bring the sidewalks down to the level of the parking lot, as well as to make them ADA compliant- 

Plastic was put down to safeguard against damage to the parking lot- especially when we are pouring-
And here is the final result without landscaping!

Handicap Ramp

 Kain Contracting begins to install landscaping:

No concrete on walls/stucco!!!
And with landscaping-


SO - installation of drain- removal of approx. 6 truckloads of dirt and 4 dumpsters of concrete- form and pour concrete in front of an operating building with women and children entering and exiting- clean, neat and on time (set to remove and replace on a holiday weekend to reduce conflict)=

Another success for Velocity Construction!

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