Sunday, March 26, 2017

LEMA Construction- Plantation Clubhouse

We have had an extended project with LEMA Construction at the Plantation Clubhouse Renovation at Gunn Hwy and Linebaugh area.
It involved the refurbishing of an existing building that required demolition and new slab and block work both regular and colored split-face. The superintendent on this one was Brad Morgan-

I will post a series of pictures here that will illustrate the timeline for this job:

Doorways modified

Bollards Installed- Perfectly!
Bollards all straight, same height, tops done nicely- in advance of the sidewalk- so set perfectly in place and height in advance
The sidewalk joints lined up with the bollards, so the spacing was important or the sidewalk would have come out ugly-
Kudos to Brad Morgan from LEMA for helping out with this!

Before picture on the sidewalk

 Some sidewalk formed up:

Here are some pictures of other sidewalk around the building:

We poured the slab for the building also-

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